Throughout the pre-season we are available for all your bootfitting needs. Book now via our booking site.

If it’s boots you're after - we believe that a truly comfortable boot fit is only achieved at a one-on-one fitting by a ski boot specialist (hence we obviously don't sell boots online!). At Browns Ski Shop we have a full Sidas Custom boot lab with every tool you can possibly imagine for a successful boot fitting session. Our selection of boots covers pretty much any foot shape imaginable, and we guarantee the fit with every pair of boots sold.

We also have the hottest boot technology available worldwide with Fischer VACUUM FIT. The Fischer VACU-PLAST material (a funky type of plastic) enables a complete anatomical adjustment of your boots. The shells of the VACUUM boots are heated and moulded to your foot shape allowing for space where you need it.  Next we "Vacuum" the boot, allowing the Vacu-plast material to mould and shape to where you don't need space using our 2 zone vacuum machine. This the end result is a boot that provides comfort, warmth and fantastic performance.

When you buy boots and footbeds from us we guarantee the fit. Try your boots at home before you go skiing. If any problems develop, we will customise the fit for your needs at no extra cost. If problems develop after you go skiing, we will continue to offer a free boot-fitting service. If the boots still prove to be unsuitable, we will give you a credit, provided the boots do not have abnormal wear and are returned within the season of purchase. No actual monetary refunds.