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Blizzard - Black Pearl 88 $1199

Black Pearl 88  $1199


One of the best selling skis of last year, the Black Pearl's shape and camber profile make it one of the most versatile skis on the market.  This ski is wide enough to enjoy the deeper stuff off piste, but narrow enough to be comfortable on the groomers.  Blizzard's Flip Core technology gives the Black Pearl a stable feel underfoot with just a bit of tip and tail rocker to make varied terrain a piece of cake.

Tech Specs

  • Lengths:  152-159-166-173 cm
  • Sidecut:  123-88-108 mm
  • Radius:  17.0m (166 cm)
  • Sandwich Compound Sidewall, Poplar-Bamboo-ISO-Wood
  • RRP $1199 (ski only)