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24th May 2017

Cracked out the calibration machine today, making sure all our rental skis' bindings are releasing correctly and safely. 1 down, 749 to go......

21st May 2017

Day after the storm - gorgeous views from everywhere in Queenstown - this one through our office window.

20th May 2017

Great sight to wake up to this morning! Not so much in Queenstown itself, but decent dump out near The Remarkables.

19th May 2017

Plenty of ex-rental and ex-demo gear available at Browns Ski Shop! Come grab a bargain before the big ski sale in Frankton next weekend. 10am to 6pm every day. Skis, boards, boots and helmets! Lots more than in the photos.....

17th May 2017

A few hours later, starting to look like a ski shop! Great work guys and girls!

17th May 2017

Rental moving in day! Empty shell to be filled by these lovely staff members....

12th May 2017

Great short video by ex-browns rental team member Laurie Taylor, who is now going great guns in the ski racing world - could do with him back on our Winter Classic team this season!

11th May 2017

Tyler Ripp Kitchin is back in Queenstown! Winter season has officially begun!

7th May 2017

Always a great manic day - lots of our gear will be there for sale as well as a multitude of great-looking staff to help you make the right choice for this coming winter

4th April 2017

Congratulations to Laurie Taylor, ex browns staff going great guns in Northern Hemisphere this winter. 2nd Brit in Slalom at British Champs, and being recognised for his great potential!

23rd March 2017

This was too funny - we had to put this up here :-) Trigger any memories? LOL

14th March 2017

Good luck Henry Quinney! Henry worked for Browns in the rentals last season, and we will be following his record attempt closely over the next few days. He is cycling the length of New Zealand!

2nd March 2017

It may feel like summer has only just really got going in Queenstown, even though Autumn has officially begun, but it is now only 100 days until Cardrona and The Remarkables are due to open for winter 2017! Our website says so, so it must be true! Bring on the snow - but maybe let us have another month of Summer first please....

22nd February 2017

Turns out Mark Forsyth is not just a guru in our workshop, but can also bowl a bit.

19th February 2017

Massive congratulations to Laurie Taylor (ex-Browns rental staff) and Adam Barwood (Queenstown local) on 3rd and 4th in the World Championships slalom qualifier. This follows up Adam's 31st and Laurie's 40th overall in the GS the other day. Best of luck to you both in the Slalom main event, starting tonight at 9.45 NZ time!

16th February 2017

Best of luck to ex- Browns staff Laurie Taylor in the World Cup GS qualifier in a few hours! And to think customers avoided you as they thought you knew nothing about skiing with your baby face. Good luck to the kiwi girls in the GS main event too. You can follow it all on

8th February 2017

Congratulations to Laurie Taylor on your selection for the World Championships! Those two seasons working in rentals at Browns obviously taught you all you needed to know about skiing!

2nd February 2017

Thank you to Wanaka Ski & Snowsports Club for spotting this one, and that the caption is wrong! Great to be seeing Adam doing us all proud!

24th January 2017

I know it is talking about British racing, and not New Zealand, but Laurie Taylor, who worked two seasons in rental at Browns whilst training at Coronet Peak, is featured heavily in this article. Maybe a future skiing champion set up your skis whilst you were on holiday here? Best of luck for the rest of the season, Laurie!

19th January 2017

It may be the middle of Summer (though it does not feel like it today), but here at Browns our thoughts are already turning towards the next winter. Today we have opened up our website for applications for work starting in late May. Interested in becoming a Browns Jedi? Check out and apply online!

29th October 2016