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20th April 2018

Winter v2018 is coming to a Browns Ski Shop near you...

9th April 2018

Hope we get more of this when we actually want it, but this gives hope for a great winter to come!

2nd April 2018

Interesting insight into early ski manufacter. Anyone fancy giving these a go this season up at Coronet Peak?

29th March 2018

One of our groms from last year (& hopefully this year too!) is doing something we think is worthwhile highlighting. Go Todd, run like the wind :-) This is what he has to say ...

"I have signed up for a race next week on the 7th April, around Mavora Lake with some of my school mates. We are hoping to break the current record of 6 laps (each lap is around 10.5km) in under 6 hours held by Menzies College. There is more information about the race on this page -
Our team is called the Wakatipu Warriors in the Schools section. Whilst it is primarily a fun team event, it is also a serious fundraiser for charities.
We have chosen Otago/Southland Cancer Society primarily to support our friend Kate Moetaua (WHS drama teacher) and from our own personal experience dealing with people who have suffered from this disease, like Opa & Abby at dad’s work.
Our overall goal is $700 but anything we can give to the Cancer Society is awesome. We hope to show that not only do we have big aerobic hearts for running but compassion and empathy too.
Thanks for taking the time to support us, please share amongst as many friends & family as possible,

26th March 2018

Stunning clouds this evening! #nofilterneeded #queenstownlive #clouds

23rd March 2018

He may currently be hard at work with @vertigo_bikes_queenstown but Jamie was very please to receive his @skillsactiveaotearoa Certificate in Snowsports Equipment (Rental Services) Level 3, from his assessor, Pang. Congratulations to our other recipients too, who will be collecting theirs as they return to Queenstown for winter. #skillsactiveaotearoa #skillsactive #gettingqualified #bestskishopstaff

23rd March 2018

Winter feels a lot closer today! #autumnsnow #winteriscoming #remarkables #queenstownlive #coldmorning❄️

22nd March 2018

Beat the chill, and the pre-season sales; buy your jackets and pants now! The last of last winter’s stock with generous discounts. Come visit us at 39 Shotover Street! #winteriscoming #sale #skiclothing #kjus #eider #killy #degre7 #descente #poivreblanc

10th March 2018

If you ever thought travelling with ski gear was tough, be thankful you are not a ski racer! Another great insight from ex-Browns staff, Laurie.

1st March 2018

Great video by Laurie. He spent 2 seasons training up Coronet Peak, whilst working at Browns. Great example for kids to follow, apart from the hair of course....

24th February 2018

Here at Browns we are very proud to have had the pleasure of Laurie's presence in our rental store for 2 seasons (he boosted our winter classic team too)! Congrats Laurie, and we look forward to seeing what else you can achieve!

19th February 2018

Wow! #nofilterneeded #queenstownsunset #queenstownlive #sunsets #redskyatnight #wow #amazingsky

18th February 2018

Best of luck to the kiwi boys today!

15th February 2018

Go Alice!!!!

9th February 2018

Great to see insight into the excitement of becoming an Olympian. Browns cannot wait to see you race, Laurie! Especially liked the suit. You never looked close to that smart when working for us!

5th February 2018

Great to see a Queenstown girl doing so well. An inspiration to us all, old and young alike! We will be cheering Alice on as she follows her Olympic dream.

30th January 2018

The calm before the storm? Beautiful sunset looking over Queenstown from the Crown Range. #queenstownlive #queenstownsunset #calmbeforethestorm

25th January 2018

Awesome news! Laurie worked for Browns for two winters whilst training at Coronet Peak, and we wish him all the best as he makes his Olympic dream come true! Watch for him in the Slalom!

20th January 2018

What a remarkable place to watch cricket! #iccu19cwc #iccunder19worldcup #internationalcricket #queenstownlive

9th January 2018

Great to have another Kiwi on the WC circuit - awesome stuff Alice Robinson

6th January 2018

Best of luck to all our World Cup racers!