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June 2012

What's all this Jedi stuff?

What's all this Jedi stuff?


  • What's all this Jedi stuff?

Mon, 18th Jun 2012

When I hand over my business card & people look at my job title, they crack up pretty much immediately.  You see my job title is "Jedi Master".  Truly.

It's always a great conversation starter.  I haven't always been a Jedi Master, far from it.  I guess you can say I sort of grew into the role.

It all goes back to those heady days in 1980 when Derek Brown started up a small ski shop with his brother Nigel, in the back of their mum's antique shop.  Derek had a great way of instilling pride in your job, in the company, making you feel part of the BROWNS FAMILY.

He had a policy to never hire anyone that he did not know - that had its limitations, but at the same time, in the early days, it meant that he was quite happy to give a sense of ownership of the company to all the staff.  Derek was a real leader, we would have done anything for him, including working our butts off to ensure that his business was as successful as can be.

Years ago we sat down with our staff in a series of focus groups - a fancy name for a gathering where pizza & beer are distributed & where we chat.  One of the questions that was raised at one of these gatherings was - "If Browns were a religion, what religion would it be?"

Almost unanimously the answer came back "Jedi" - now that might be a reflection of what was on at the movies at the time (no it was not 1977), however we like to think that there are similarities between the two – Jedi always strive for excellence, they fight against the Empire (any guesses there?), Jedi are honest & deal with people with respect, making a difference.  They use the Force ...

& it's kept growing from there & as with anything at Browns, we have a lot of fun with it :-)

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