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May 2012

Guns Blazing

Guns Blazing

The guns at Coronet Peak have been turned on  

  • Guns Blazing - The guns at Coronet Peak have been turned on

Wed, 16th May 2012

Just last week we were on a family holiday in the islands - 30 degree heat, blazing sunshine, lazy days... trying to charge the batteries & spend some quality family time with the kids to make up for winter's long hours.

The tan (what tan there was) faded extremely quickly - pretty much as soon as we stepped off the plane in QT, into a biting southerly and 6 degree temperature.

Winter is well and truly on its way, if it's not already here.  Coronet turned on some of its guns today & will gradually turn on more over the next few days as conditions allow & create some of that white gold that we at Browns Ski Shop depend upon for our livelihoods.  Snow has fallen across the country at most ski resorts - some of the crew even went up to the Peak this morning and put in a few turns, top to bottom, boot-top powder they reckon, & it looked it (I saw the video!).

Anyway, back to Raro - the time with family & friends was just awesome - holidays are all about quality time & creating memories that will stay with you forever - and even though living in Queenstown is like living in paradise, daddy works in a ski shop & at the height of the season will spend 60-70hrs per week in the shop, so this time is important.

Similarly for those of you out there - hard-working mums & dads, planning to spend some quality family time this winter on a ski/boarding holiday in Queenstown.  Or those of you that are coming to spend time with friends.  It's the rewards that make the work worthwhile - the planning, the excitement, the anticipation ...

A new season is about to descend on us, we start our interviews tomorrow, then into staff training & then it's all go - 24 days & counting.... another team of Browns Jedi will take shape over the coming weeks & by the time you get here, that new team of old & new faces will be doing its utmost to make your holiday in Queenstown as great as it can be.

It's all about the memories for you & your family, your friends , and not to sound too corny, but we hope to be part of those.  See you soon!

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