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March 2012

Fourteen Degrees

Fourteen Degrees


  • Fourteen Degrees

Mon, 26th Mar 2012

It was 14 degrees inside our house this morning when we woke.  FOURTEEN, INSIDE ...

With 75 days to go till Coronet opens & Daylight Saving not quite done, I am not ready to give up my shorts for jeans just yet, nor to turn on the heating in the house...  sorry kids, just put on another jersey.

Thankfully today is a sunny day with wisps of cloud, and the hills all around us have a nice covering of snow from the weekend storm.

I know I know, it's early days yet & there is no need to get excited but still ...

As the leaves slowly start to turn & my shorts (eventually) get packed away, and with daylight saving finishing this weekend, we know that winter is only just around the corner. 

For some it means miserable weather, icy roads, short days, frozen extremities... but those people will not be reading this blog, let alone visiting our website, so I am wasting my breath here.  Moving on ...

If you're a keen skier like me, winter means Blue Skies;  New snow squeaking under your ski boots.  The cold air filled with glittering ice crystals. 

The fresh mountain air.  The swish of fresh snow under your skis.  Taking the family up & watching the kids progress until they're better than you (one day I know, but not yet!).

Stealing mornings away from work, when the kids are at school, with my beloved, to get in a few runs & re-capture the magic (we met skiing in France many years ago).

Spending Tuesdays in Rocky Gully with your mates, hoping that this time I will put down the perfect Winter Classic run ... this time, or next time ...

So, 75 days to go.  In the meantime, to get you all in the mood, we have loaded some images onto our website  of goodies that we will have in-store this season...

Start dreaming ...

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