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February 2012

Kia Kaha Christchurch, one year on ...

Kia Kaha Christchurch, one year on ...


  • Kia Kaha Christchurch, one year on ...

Wed, 22nd Feb 2012

One year ago here at work, we were all glued to the internet, watching in horror as events unfolded in Christchurch.  Quite a few of our ex-staff have settled in ChCh & many of our customers are from there & industry colleagues who have businesses there as well & we could only watch & hope...

Despite being far away we felt people's pain & grief as they lived & continue to live through mother nature's onslaught ...

Over the hours & days & weeks that followed I was immensely proud to be a Kiwi & see how Cantabrians pulled together & the rest of NZ pulled together in support of the victims.  It was intensely emotional to hear & see the outporings of support from all over the world.

We have run a few collections at work & will continue to do so, for short of our emotional support, the only other way we know how is to donate money to various causes that are helping in the rebuild of Christchurch.  We have also been priviliged to be able to host a few families from ChCh who escaped to recharge their batteries.

No longer front page news, nevertheless you are constantly in our thoughts & in our hearts Christchurch.


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February 2012

117 days to go and counting

117 days to go and counting

Salomon X3 120 CS 2012 ski boot  

  • 117 days to go and counting - Salomon X3 120 CS 2012 ski boot

Mon, 13th Feb 2012

Well, we just started the clock on our website with the countdown to the 2012 winter season.  Thankfully it does not mean by a long shot that summer is over - still plenty of time left to enjoy the heat & the long sunny days.

Of which we have been having PLENTY here in Queenstown - not wanting to skite or anything, but we have had the most amazing summer down here.  Very little rainfall, which is a problem that I will elaborate on later, lots of hot sunny days with lazy afternoon swims down by the lake.  Town has been & still is busy, with a few concerts just finishing up & we just had the Highlanders & Chiefs battle out a pre-season warm-up in town.

Elaborating on the lack of rainfall - while it is nice to have blue-sky upon blue-sky day, it does mean that the district has been under a cloud of extreme fire danger, and because our bore at home has run dry a few times, we have been on water rations & the garden has suffered massively as a result.  Even the native bush around us has literally wilted.

But back to winter of 2012 - funnily enough we are just finalising our clothing orders for the 2013 season - Fizz, our buyer, has been flitting over to OZ & around NZ, visiting suppliers, looking at the different ranges & comparing colour swatches & prices, to enable her to choose the best collection for Browns Ski Shop for next winter (2013).  Another couple of weeks & that will be done & dusted.

In the meantime some of our gear for this year has started to trickle in, with our Auckland store having first dibs at winter 2012 clothing, with Kjus & Phenix landing a few weeks ago and already on the racks.

We have just started loading product info & images on our product pages.  All the Salomon boots that we will have in-store this season are loaded now & keep coming back over the next few weeks as we load more & more product for 2012 onto our website.  You'll have to excuse some of the blurb which has been taken directly off the official Salomon website:

"The construction of the World Cup model built with a more comfortable last shape and the latest Salomon fit technology Custom Shell"

- with descriptions like these how could you be tempted into buying one of their boots - don't get me wrong, their product is fantastic & I love Salomon to bits, but surely for the skier out there the description of the boot needs to be sexied up a bit?  What does it all mean to me as a skier when I get up on the hill in that particular boot...?

I think I will have to be a bit more creative for our site ...

Till next time

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