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October 2011

Hasta La Vista

Hasta La Vista

Bye Bye 2011  

  • Hasta La Vista - Bye Bye 2011

Thu, 13th Oct 2011

Hasta La Vista Season that was 2011. Mmmmmm and what a season it was.

In my 23 winters in Queenstown, of which 15 as a business owner, I cannot truly remember a winter more challenging.

Starting off with the Chilean clouds of ash, temperatures too mild in June for any snowmaking, followed by the record dumps & airport closures in July, finishing off with a soft September due to the Rugby World Cup, I for one am glad to see the back of Winter 2011 & I don't mind admitting that.

Still what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger :-) so we will put that winter away in a box & start focussing, as we usually do, on 2012.

We are busy stocktaking now in the rental & upstairs we are ordering all our goodies for 2012. Most of our clothing was already ordered back in February of this year, we are just filling in the gaps like accessories, goggles, gloves, helmets etc & also all the toys - like the new skis & boots & they look HOT.

Being in NZ we get first dibs at the new cosmetics & technology - what I mean by that is that ALL skis & the majority of boots we will stock next year will be 2013 product.

Once our stocktake is done Vertigo Bikes, our sister (or brother) company will move in ready for a summer of mountainbiking...

Our store in Auckland will be open all summer for those of you lucky enough to be heading up to the northern hemisphere for a few turns - who's going where this summer?

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