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World Cup Fever

World Cup Fever


  • World Cup Fever

Fri, 9th Sep 2011

I am EXTREMELY Jealous of our Auckland crew - they are all finishing work early today to head out to the World Cup opening ceremony. Yeah that's right, the Browns Newmarket store closed at 3pm today, just so they could join the downtown mayhem.

The next few weeks will be a veritable feast of rugby - we will become a stadium of 4,000,000!

Did you know that the current AB's manager, many moons ago, spent time working on the rental benches downstairs, for a few seasons, on & off...?  Not that we need a connection to get right behind the AB's; for the first time in my life I have dyed my hair & there is no guessing what colour it is now...  the family will get fright when I get home tonight!

But in all seriousness, this is the biggest event ever to grace our shores, & it can only be good in the long-term for our industry although I do feel that in the short-term we will have a quieter September than normal.

More time for us to hit the slopes & enjoy the great conditions out there - September is usually a mix of longer mild days with some awesome spring snow interspersed with some nice wee dumps  to give us some freshies.  The best of both worlds!

Go the AB's tonight!

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