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Our mate Stu


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Thu, 4th Aug 2011

We heard a few days ago that a good mate & former employee of Browns suddenly passed away at only age 37, leaving behind his young family.  It's obviously rocked all of us here at work who knew Stu & worked with him.  A few of us went up the hill & put in some turns for our mate.

I just felt that I should put down some words...

Stu worked for us for many years, in rental & workshop, before taking up a career as a chopper pilot.  He was one of the first people Haggis & I hired after we took over the reins at Browns from Derek.

When he first started with us, we had an overnight trip in the backcountry for staff training & around the campfire at night one of the facilitators juggled fire pois.  The only one willing enough to give it a try was this newbie, yet another pom, Stu Pybus.  He got up & started swinging the fire pois & managed to set himself on fire almost immediately.  Classic, vintage Browns.

It hurts & strangely this is why I love Browns - we have many staff that pass through our doors over the years, yet each one (ok well almost each one) becomes like family to us & a part of our story.  At the start of each season we have a collection of individuals that we forge into a team & quite often life-long friendships are made - Stu was one such person.

He will not be forgotten.

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