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Thu, 11th Aug 2011

The NZ Winter Games are here - the next couple of weeks will see some action-packed events on our local ski hills.  While only the 2nd edition, some of the races will see the best fields that ever competed on our NZ shores, which has to be good thing for the grass-roots development of the sport here.  Who will be the next Annelise or Claudia - who the next Jossi (the last one probably is easy to answer as there are 3 more Wells boys following in his footsteps...).

Here at Browns we have our own local heroes working on the shop floor - Tim Cafe, who competed for NZ at the Super G at the Olympics in Vancouver & who will hopefully compete again at Sochi in 2014.  Toby Dickson, an up & coming Park Rat who is still so young that he has the role of "Grommet" at Browns but who will certainly pull some crowds in the not too distant future...

What events will you be attending?

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August 2011

Our mate Stu

Our mate Stu


  • Our mate Stu

Thu, 4th Aug 2011

We heard a few days ago that a good mate & former employee of Browns suddenly passed away at only age 37, leaving behind his young family.  It's obviously rocked all of us here at work who knew Stu & worked with him.  A few of us went up the hill & put in some turns for our mate.

I just felt that I should put down some words...

Stu worked for us for many years, in rental & workshop, before taking up a career as a chopper pilot.  He was one of the first people Haggis & I hired after we took over the reins at Browns from Derek.

When he first started with us, we had an overnight trip in the backcountry for staff training & around the campfire at night one of the facilitators juggled fire pois.  The only one willing enough to give it a try was this newbie, yet another pom, Stu Pybus.  He got up & started swinging the fire pois & managed to set himself on fire almost immediately.  Classic, vintage Browns.

It hurts & strangely this is why I love Browns - we have many staff that pass through our doors over the years, yet each one (ok well almost each one) becomes like family to us & a part of our story.  At the start of each season we have a collection of individuals that we forge into a team & quite often life-long friendships are made - Stu was one such person.

He will not be forgotten.

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