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July 2011

Too much snow - is that even possible?

Too much snow - is that even possible?


  • Too much snow - is that even possible?

Wed, 27th Jul 2011

What a season we are having - first of all no snow, not even cold enough to make any, now we have just had this massive fall causing QT airport to shut for two days. What is going on with this weather? David Crow, any answers for us?

Australian school holidays are over, the mountains opened just in time & things were manic in the shop - we just about ran out of gear a few times, a great way to be, when it looked like the season might not bring anything at all.

Now we're in the midst of NZ school holidays & while the first week has been pretty full-on, the second week is a bit more mellow, probably because of all the flight interruptions.. anyone got any stories out there?

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July 2011

My first blog ever

Mon, 11th Jul 2011

So not sure where this thing is going to take me, & what purpose it will serve, but this blog may give you an insight into life as a ski shop owner here in Queenstown. At the same time some of our staff will be blogging too, to update you all on the goings on here in town, but more importantly what’s happening out there on the mountains & where the best riding is to be had, & hopefully we might get to make a few of you out there jealous & convince you into hopping on the next plane to come & visit.

At long last the snow is falling & has been falling for the last 2 days. Coronet Peak is just about fully open, Cardrona opened on Friday & Remarks need a bit more before they can open Shadow Basin. TC is almost there too.

It certainly has been a challenging start to the season for us – we have had worse winters, in fact I remember my first season here when Coronet was only open for 3 weeks, but that was before snowmaking.

Snowmaking has built up the expectation that we can get underway even when nature does not play fair, but as the past month has shown us, sometimes nature doesn’t even bother to show up to the game … an unseasonably warm May & June meant that even Coronet’s mighty snow guns could not bring winter to the Peak.

But then thankfully, when it looked like winter might never arrive, the weather did turn colder & with a bit of pixie dust, the snowmaking crew managed to get enough hours under their belt to enable Coronet to open on the last day of June.

& now nature or Ullr is playing its part too … bring it on! Time to go & play ….

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