Life at Browns

Jedi Council

  • Mr Derek Brown - he's the guy who started it all
  • Tyler - T-Dog Rulz
  • Fizz - Shops till she drops
  • Paul - Haggis
  • Mark - Spanky
  • Theo - The Wrecker
  • Ross - Ross Walker Life
  • Kris - Boss
  • Abby
  • Miyuki
  • Anthony - Ant
  • Torey
  • Rosie - The Queen of Spin
  • Shaun
  • Jamie - Front Wheel Fenning
  • Ryan - Did You Know I'm a Raft Guide?
  • Jo
  • Becky
  • Alex
  • Joss - Jossssh
  • Jenny - Ski Instructor
  • Jess
Theo - The Wrecker


The Wrecker

Birthday: 22/03/91

Role at Browns: Master Jedi

Born in: Manchester, grew up in Toulouse: Frenglish

Claim to fame: 4 seconds face planting a backflip on a viral fail compilation on Youtube

Family: 2 Little sisters and my makers.

Favourite Queenstown Mountain: Coronet Peak

Favourite Run: Deep snow on a clear morning

Interests besides skiing: The world, his dog and adrenaline rushes.

Hidden talent: Singing in the shower

Cunning Tip: Remember to wax

What's good about the Browns team: Work hard, Play hard and love anything snow related

Future plans: Ski my way around the world.

Strength: The smell of my socks

Favourite Quotes: Seize the day, don't stop until you are proud.