Life at Browns

Jedi Council

  • Mr Derek Brown - he's the guy who started it all
  • Tyler - T-Dog Rulz
  • Pang - Goose
  • Simon - Frank
  • Fizz - Shops till she drops
  • Paul - Haggis
  • Mark - Spanky
  • Archie
  • Cameron - Cameron Charles the 1st
  • Shannon
  • Kris - Boss
  • Abby
  • Miyuki
  • Ant
  • Torey
  • Sam Whitham
  • Rosie - The Queen of Spin
  • Shaun
  • Joss - Jossssh
  • Mike - Big Mike
Mike - Big Mike


Big Mike

Role at Browns: Rental Jedi Knight (newly knighted)

Born in: The Highlands of Scotland

Ski or Ride: Swing both ways

Claim to fame: I partied with Danny Mackaskill and Greg Williamson #niche mtb fame

Family: I was raised by wolves and we had a pet Haggis

Favourite Queenstown Mountain: Remarks

Favourite Run: The deepest one

Interests besides skiing: Making better Hummus than Cameron Charles & skinny dipping

Hidden talent: Doing the splits, the backpack dance

Cunning Tip: Dont believe the hype

What's good about the Browns team: The $$$ and the fame

Future plans: Van life, a campervan and a dog

Strength: Working on it #sometimesidosquats

Favourite Quote: "your health is wealth"