Life at Browns

Jedi Council

  • Mr Derek Brown - he's the guy who started it all
  • Tyler - T-Dog Rulz
  • Fizz - Shops till she drops
  • Paul - Haggis
  • Mark - Spanky
  • Theo - The Wrecker
  • Ross - Ross Walker Life
  • Kris - Boss
  • Abby
  • Miyuki
  • Anthony - Ant
  • Torey
  • Rosie - The Queen of Spin
  • Shaun
  • Jamie - Front Wheel Fenning
  • Ryan - Did You Know I'm a Raft Guide?
  • Jo
  • Becky
  • Alex
  • Joss - Jossssh
  • Jenny - Ski Instructor
  • Jess


Birthday: 10th April 

Role at Browns: Rental Tech

Born in: England 

Ski or Ride: Ski every time 

Claim to fame: I once danced with Coolio in a night club

Family: Browns is my NZ family and I have 2 parents and a sister back in England 

Favourite Queenstown Mountain: I haven't tried them both yet!

Favourite Run: To be decided 

Interests besides skiing: Hiking, horse riding, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, snorkelling and scuba diving 

Hidden talent: I have the longest tongue of any human 

Cunning Tip: Never trust a snowboarder

What's good about the Browns team: Everyone is super into their snow sport and it's contagious, to each other and to the customers 😊 

Future plans: My life is very flexible so my plans tend to change a lot! But at the moment it's to enjoy this winter season as much as possible before heading home to the uk for a while 

Strength: Tea making 

Favourite Quote: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away